The rush to digital has left some creatives down a dark alley blindly tweeting and liking for no apparent reason or purpose. Similarly there can be a tendency to add social to existing or new campaigns with no great insight into the complementary nature and sometimes unique demands of the digital world.

In using digital communications, we should all be working to a strategy from which the tactics flow. In order to brush up on our digital expertise we attended a recent workshop in Leeds hosted by the wonderful Comms2Point0 into ‘how to communicate in a digital world – nine key steps to succeed.’ The workshop provided some excellent information and top tips within a framework on how to deliver effective communications, public relations and digital activity in a digital world. We’d highly recommend it.

Among the things put across were the importance of setting objectives, using research, identifying audiences, choosing the channels, creating the content, implementing the evaluation and reporting back – everything that every good digital comms campaign should be based around but where sometimes one or two steps can be left out in the hustle and bustle of campaign delivery.

While enjoying the usual high standard of Comms2Point0 cookies, and feeling good about adding to the year’s total of training CPD points, we learnt much throughout the day. Here are a few top tips – you’ll get loads more if you attend a Comms2Point0 course yourself!

  • Don’t be tempted to just sell, sell, sell – we can probably all name business contacts on social media who are very much on ‘send’ rather than ‘receive’ mode. People will quickly switch off from a brand which just bombards them with sales messages
  • Don’t feel you have to get on board with every new shiny tech app or platform that comes along. Have a play with new things but not all will be right for you or the dialogue you wish to create
  • Have a digital de-clutter – if you can’t give a certain platform enough attention, get rid and focus on putting great content out and interacting on the stronger ones
  • People are constantly scrolling through content, scanning for something that catches their eye. Images and videos are much more likely to be noticed, liked and shared than just text
  • Digital comms shares similarities to ‘traditional’ communications – reviewing and evaluating against the original targets/plan is essential, whether it’s to celebrate your success or learn where you could do better next time.

It was a great day, loads of interesting information and a good chance to share stories with other course delegates. At Touch we like to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and initiatives, and we take great pride in ensuring our staff receive all the training they need in order to remain on top of their trade. If we pick up some nice top tips while out and about we’ll always endeavour to share those with our contacts via this blog so please keep coming back to see what we’re posting. If you’ve got a great digital story to tell about something that’s worked really well in your world, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. it with us. We can all continue to learn from each other, jointly improving our work. Thanks for following and reading!

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