There are likely to be times in your life when you have watched a TV advert or stood staring at the bus stop poster and wondered ‘what’s that all about?’ Some marketing campaigns are developed in order to engineer discussion and debate, to develop a buzz about trying to puzzle out the nature of the product or service. Some campaigns though get lost in their own creative thought with mixed messages and impenetrable meaning. It’s safe to say that in general, the better the advert, the clearer the message, the more succinct the call to action.

At Touch Design we prefer our creative cleverness to take a back seat while the front seat is occupied by a simple, clear and compelling campaign. The thought process that develops the brand, design and marketing might be complex, but the ‘front of house’ product should revel in its simplicity, proud of its clarity. This can be seen in a recent campaign developed for client Health Education England, a national NHS body responsible for the training and accreditation of health care professionals.

Health Education England wanted to encourage nurses who have left the profession to re-enter and gain their nursing registration. They wanted to see an increased sign-up for their Return to Practice education programmes from nurses who have had a career break. We have supported this client in the East Midlands before with a series of marketing products, everything from course flyers to promotional tea towels. We all need good nurses but we also all need a good cup of tea.

Our latest campaign has seen the filming, editing and production of three videos, simply titled ‘Come back to nursing’ featuring real life case study interviewees with returnees Alice, Mary and Russell. In line with the message of keeping it simple, these videos provide the platform for the three returning nurses to talk about their lives, their motivations for coming back to the profession, what has been involved and how they have found it.

The first person narrative works extremely well when you need to forge a connection with your viewers and intended audience. They can relate to the stories and see parallels in their own lives. Using real people talking in this way takes away the organisational cloak of complexity and bureaucracy. The videos allow for people to talk about their own lives and their own experiences of having a career break and how they have found coming back to the hospital ward or GP surgery.

So, if you’re struggling with a complex campaign, if you’re messaging is getting all a bit muddled, if you’re not sure of the right channel to use in getting over the message, then come and have a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It might be that using videos and using real people to tell your story could work for you. The solution might be something else but whatever it is, we’ll help you tell it in a way that people can understand and engage with.

"We are currently working with Touch Design on a couple of innovative, dynamic but essential projects to support healthcare professional to return to practice in the East Midlands. The skills and knowledge they brought to the table, but more importantly their ability to listen then create and translate that into a product that provides an identity for our campaigns has ensured the projects have a focus and visibility in key arenas.Paul Chapman, Regional Project Lead Return to Practice, Health Education England working across the East Midlands.

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