Let’s take you back on a journey. To the dawn of time. Or rather, the dawn of Touch Design. While Scott was first sharpening his pencils and doodling some doodles, elsewhere in the world, things were afoot. The banking crisis was about to kick off big time, the Princess Diana inquest was causing royal consternation, and even the normally quiet flatlands of Lincolnshire were rocked by an earthquake. On Scott’s stereo, assuming Absolute Radio hadn’t been invented then, was Adele’s debut album and lots of other music best forgotten. The time was February 2008 and Touch Design was being launched. An Apple Mac in the loft bedroom and a view over north Nottingham. The first designs designed, the first brands branded, the first materials produced.

Ten years on, Touch Design is still going strong. But things have changed a fair bit. We’ve taken on staff, the client list has rapidly grown, a move to city centre offices and a changing skyline, our children are growing up, the world seems a slightly different place. Kirstie has discovered running, Jo has discovered Touch Design, Scott has discovered walking (seriously), our associates have discovered the joy of working with Touch (hopefully). And the clients? They seem a happy bunch. Well, we’ve always assumed they’re a happy bunch. They seem pretty happy. And they keep coming back to us. But maybe sometimes you shouldn’t always assume that. Do they like working with us? Are we giving them what they want? We thought we better find out more. To mark Touch Design’s first decade of business, we decided to ask out clients what they actually thought of us. 

It turns out, fortunately, that yes, they do like us. . Which is nice. It seems our joy of working with them is reciprocated. When we asked them they said lots of nice things. One comment though that kept coming through was ‘it’s always fun working with Touch’ or something similar. If we’re having fun, we must be enjoying it - clients, employees, suppliers, and associates. Our first ten years have been hugely enjoyable and a lot of fun. Thank you everyone. Really, truly, thank you. Cue, blowing out the cake candles with a tear in the eye. So, over to the clients. What did they say about working with us during our first ten years? Here is a selection of comments (for your interest and our self-satisfaction!)…

“I love working with Touch, they’re a breath of fresh air, they’re always fun, they have a huge amount of energy, their work is original, the designs are fresh and exciting and they always come up with something new, there’s no such thing as ‘rinse and repeat’ with Touch and I love that about them. 

“The thing that really stands out for me, having worked with many other organisations that provide similar services, is their absolute dedication and commitment to deliver every time. I know I can always rely on Touch to do a good job, to get it done, done well and on time.”

“They’re so good. You can give them a very brief ‘brief’ – you don’t have to give them a huge amount of stuff. You can literally just give them the ideas and concepts and you know they’ll go away and produce something that we probably couldn’t thought of ourselves if we’re honest with you.”

“They always have time for us. I think as comms teams (in the public sector) we’re all quite small and we never have that much time. With Touch they build in that time so they’ll always have time to discuss ideas with us and then bring those ideas to life.”

“We love working with Touch. We love the creativity that they bring. They always deliver. And most importantly we always have fun.”

Ten years on, still going strong, and getting stronger. Many happy returns to us!  And many, many thanks to you.

 You can also see what some of our clients have to say about us here. 

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