It’s good to talk about mental health. We all have it. Just as our physical health varies from day to day, week to week, year to year, sometimes better, sometimes worse, so too do we have a continuum of mental health. Some days, it’s great, we’re fine and fabulous, other days, we’re not so sure. On some days, for some people, it may get quite dark. Our mental health, just like our physical health, fluctuates in many weird and wonderful ways throughout our lives. That’s why we’re humans, that’s why we’re interesting. We’re all a bit different. We don’t tend to plateau for long.

For anyone who has ever experienced mental ill health in their life, whether first hand, or through supporting family and friends, it can be a supremely challenging and thoroughly perplexing thing. Difficult to understand, sometimes difficult to explain, and often difficult to work out the best way forward. 

When George, son of managing director Kirstie, first experienced anxiety going to school it was indeed a difficult time for all the family. George is happy talking about it, as we are, and through sharing his story we are doing our bit to get people talking and help society’s push to end stigma. George may have experienced a lot of worry about some of his time at school but what shines through is his bravery in wanting to tackle the issues that have been confronting him, sometimes to compartmentalise and lock them away or sometimes to just give them a ‘kick up the bum’. 

Impressed and inspired by his efforts, we have worked with him to create an illustrated story showing how he has learnt ways to control ‘Angrar’, supported by a number of helpful companions including ‘dog’ and his super class teacher. George’s story and a bit more background on the book is available online. Please have a read, and if you feel it would help others who have had to face anxiety, please share widely. We are always happy to talk about our experiences so if you or someone close to you has had anxiety, let’s have a chat. Furthermore, if you think you could promote the ‘Angrar’ book to a wider audience, then also please get in touch. 

Through sharing all of our stories, we can all work together to break down barriers, improve understanding of mental health topics and help find ways to wellbeing that might work for more individuals. George is part of a new generation, an age group more open and willing to talk about all aspects of wellbeing. George and his peers are inspirational to us all. Through their clearer thinking and insightful views, they can help lead us all with more open hearts and open minds to a better understanding of how best to live life. Thank you George from all of us. And hopefully thank you to you all for sharing the story.



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